Message from the Dean and Chancellor: April 9

Our world-class medical and research institution would be nothing without the nurses, medical assistants and other staff who walk through our doors every morning ready to work. This is even more true now, as we face this enormous new challenge.

Message from the dean and chancellor

One constant remains and it is you and your dedication to our purpose, to our patients and their
families, and to our community. It is the most extraordinary thing to watch all of you, our faculty, staff,
and students, harness your ingenuity and drive to meet this enormous challenge.

Message from the Dean and Chancellor – COVID-19 Update (PDF)

Walking through the medical campus these past few days, we have never felt so inspired by the work that is going on and the people who do it. … Speaking also on behalf of our partners at BJC, thank you for everything you are doing to
keep our community healthy and safe, today and every day